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Kubon & Sagner Media.

Kubon & Sagner Media is a leading international specialized information service provider with headquarters in Leipzig, Germany and Washington D.C., USA (Kubon & Sagner Inc.). Our branch offices are located in München and Berlin.
Since 1947 we have been assisting libraries and institutions worldwide in obtaining literature from all over Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Today, Kubon & Sagner Media - being a specialist for periodicals, journals, eJournals, databases and serial publications from all over Eastern Europe – offer individual and professional smart subscriptions™ Services to library customers.

Kubon & Sagner Media is a company of Bell & Baumgarth group (www.bell-und-baumgarth.dewww.bell-und-baumgarth.de).

Office München:

Kubon & Sagner Media GmbH
Heßstraße 39/41
80798 München (Germany)

Phone: +49 89 542 18-0
Fax: +49 89 542 18-218 
eMail: postmaster(at)kubon-sagner(dot)com
Internet: www.kubon-sagner.comhttp://www.kubon-sagner.com/

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Head office in Leipzig:

Kubon & Sagner Media GmbH
Geschäftshaus "Grauer Wolf"
Hainstr. 11
04109 Leipzig (Germany)

Office Washington D.C.:

Kubon & Sagner Inc.
1532 T Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20009, USA

Toll free (USA): 800 787-5082 (VoiceMail)
Telefax (USA): 202 386-6797
eMail: postmaster(at)kubon-sagner(dot)com
Internet: www.kubon-sagner.comhttp://www.kubon-sagner.com

Biblion Media (cooperation partner):

Biblion Media GmbH
Geschäftshaus "Grauer Wolf"
Hainstr. 11
04109 Leipzig (Germany)

Phone: +49 341 268 20 88-7
eMail: enrico.woida(at)biblion(dot)de
Internet: www.biblion.dehttp://www.biblion.de