"Kubon & Sagner" becomes "Kubon & Sagner Media“

Press release || 18th of July 2016


Successful business succession:

"Kubon & Sagner" becomes "Kubon & Sagner Media“

Munich, 18th of July 2016 – Media entrepreneurs Inge Bell and Stefan Baumgarth are the new owners of the traditional company Kubon & Sagner. By taking over the company shares of the Sagner family they have become the successors of the family business and will from now on operate under the name “Kubon & Sagner Media”. With immediate effect, Kubon & Sagner Media GmbH is a subsidiary of the Bell & Baumgarth Group (www.bell-und-baumgarth.dehttp://www.bell-und-baumgarth.de).

“As subsidiary of the Bell & Baumgarth Media Holding, Kubon & Sagner is well prepared for the future”, says Sabine Sagner-Weigl, the founder’s daughter and manager of the Munich branch. “We trust in the expertise of our long-standing managing partner Stefan Baumgarth, who has proven his unerring instinct for market developments, especially relating to our field, over the last 15 years.”

As a result of comprehensive restructuring and the now completed adjustment, the specialist company “Kubon & Sagner Media” is now focused on its decade-long core competence: The distribution of subscriptions for periodicals and newspapers from all over Eastern Europe for renowned libraries all over the world – in print and digitally. New investments are planned especially for the “Kubon & Sagner eLibrary”. With this, Kubon & Sagner Media is ready to meet the challenges of developments in the digital era. “We have recognized the signs of the times”, says Stefan Baumgarth, “and in future will, besides our unique expertise in the print field, increasingly concentrate on professional services relating to electronic media. By this, we hope to meet the needs of our library customers.”

With immediate effect, the company’s headquarters is the media city Leipzig. Operational business will continue to be maintained from Munich as usual.

Kubon & Sagner Media is launched with the new claim, “smart subscriptions”. “This is also to publizise that we are a top modern media house with cutting-edge plans for the future.”, says owner Inge Bell, who is also in charge of the company’s corporate communications.

Inge Bell is a slavist, Eastern Europe historian and publicist. Formerly being a reporter for the foreign desk of ARD (First German Television), she reported on the political, economic and social developments in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe for many years. Bell has been honored with the “Woman of Europe” award and received the German Cross of Merit for her commitment to human rights.

Stefan Baumgarth is a linguist, Eastern Europe philologist and publisher. In the 90’s, Baumgarth founded his first publishing house and has held an executive position with Kubon & Sagner since 2001. Since 2009, he is the CEO and managing partner of the formerly Munich-based company.


Background information Kubon & Sagner Media:

Kubon & Sagner Media GmbH is an international specialized information service provider with headquarters in Leipzig and branches in Munich, Berlin and Washington D.C. Since 1947, the agency has been supporting libraries and institutions worldwide in obtaining literature from all over Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Kubon & Sagner Media is a subsidiary of the Bell & Baumgarth Group.


Kubon & Sagner Media GmbH
Inge Bell || Stefan Baumgarth
Heßstr. 39/41
80798 München (Germany)

Telefon: +49 89 54218-106 
E-Mail: inge.bell(at)kubon-sagner(dot)com || stefan.baumgarth(at)kubon-sagner(dot)com
Web: www.kubon-sagner.comhttp://www.kubon-sagner.com

Headquarter: Hainstr. 11, 04109 Leipzig (Germany)

Left to right:

Inge Bell, Stefan Baumgarth, Sabine Sagner-Weigl 
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